Compiègne a different world close from Paris

No time to go in the Loire Valley, visit Compiègne Palace and Pierrefonds beautiful castle : Napoléon Bonaparte historical residence

Fantastic compromise, beautiful landscape, cultural and gastronomic destination, all is there, come and visit Oise region at only 45mn from Paris .


On the castle side, I also have a soft spot for the Palais de Compiègne, the summer residence of Napoleon 1st and then of Napoleon III; So I can tell you about its 1500 pieces, its rich empire style furniture which I am a fan but I must admit that what I prefer in this castle is simply the bright colors of the apartments. I loooove the carpet « panther » of the smoker, the « white luxury » of the room of the empress, the colors of the gaming room without counting on purple, blue, green, red. All these colors, it’s intoxicating I think … and it gives a joyful side to the palace.

Small advice and more: I recommend the « tea time » at the tea room of the castle. Brigitte’s homemade cakes are ALL delicious!


For oxygen lovers, I recommend without hesitation my most beautiful bike ride: 25kms connecting the imperial city of Compiègne to the village of Pierrefonds by a bike path through the majestic Compiègne National Forest. We rent a bike at the royal crossroads … we pedal happily, without any difficulty, through oaks, beeches and big ferns … we take a break in the charming village of Saint Jean aux bois and we drink a small lemonade at the country bistro … NO more stress, NO more cars .. we take the time to enjoy … the strongest sensation on this ride, it is approaching Pierrefonds as to the way out of the bike path, we come face to face with this imposing castle Pierrefonds a fortress of stone , with its tall crenellated towers, impresses more than one. Castle nicknamed « the Merlin castle », « the castle of the Sleeping Beauty » … that’s saying it!


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