Chantilly the cream of the creams !

Chantilly is not only a beautiful Castle , it is also a culinary tradition of the cream
  • Testimony

Always in Chantilly, do you know the cream of the creams: Chantilly cream but as they say, the real thing. Not the bomb bought at the supermarket! So here is the best place to enjoy it: go to the Hameau, the former dairy of the Princes de Condé, nestled in the heart of the Château de Chantilly Park. There take place at the restaurant « Aux saveurs champêtres ». Let yourself be enchanted by the landscape so bucolic: small half-timbered houses, in the shade of trees, small stream, ducks walk .. it’s like in Normandy. Order the famous cream; then I take the cup of cream without anything but you can enjoy it with strawberries and raspberries. And there the spectacle of the sight and the taste begins: to the eye, the cream is not quite white, it is as slightly grayed and it forms waves or clouds so it is dense and unctuous. Taste: a pure delight … melting … not too sweet … Unique in France .. Unique in the world! Yes, I dare say it