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In France we have several ways to move in all our regions.
To organize the travel of your clients here is the booking site SNCF that you can use to facilitate in particular the transport by train inside our country.
Our DMC are also at your disposal to reserve your inter-regional train tickets according to the travel models you have chosen.
The TGV serves all major cities in France. You can book your trains and receive an e-ticket via the

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TRAVEL IN FRANCE BY PLANE is your tailor made tool to create innovating package for your clients all around france region.

To facilitate the conception of your tours let’s us introduce our internal company which are offering lot’s of possibility to cross France very quickly.

France has a regional network of airlines that allow you to book inter-regional flights for your customers. Those company propose also some departure from Europe until different french destination. Coming in our region has never been so easy !

We invite you to consult the sites of our different offers.


Air France :

This link can help you to understand how to travel in France from Nice to Lille or from Bordeaux to Lyon ….. for example

To travel in France is so easy, you can find many flight per day on each destination. A large destination from Europe can go straight in our region.

Air France is deserving 25 destinations inside our country

Contact your Air France support to know better how you can carry your clients to our fantastic destinations in France.


This little company offer many possibilities from Europe to join our region between one to another. But the most important to know is HOP is completing the Air France flights inside our country. With HOP you can join La Rochelle on the Atlantic Coast to Lyon nearby the Alps, with very good prices available. So it means today you can visit different region in one week and meet some different people all around France. Brittany and its very strong culture of the land and the sea with mystic stories your will tell to your friends. From there, departure for the south of France, the lavender field, the song of the cicadas, beautiful wines in Chateauneuf du Pape and Marseille calanque. Both side of our country in one package.

EASYJET: Low cost company through Europe and France



For more practical information you can also use comparators to find the best prices and the best way to travel inside France. This website will propose the best way to join your destination by flight, train or even coach

LILIGO: Compare incredible deals between flights, trains, car sharing and buses. Find the right trip with one click

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Deutchland : offer you the best program completely tailor made. Choose your models and personalize it for your clients. Add your internal transportation and your package will be done. So easy, so efficient, make simply sales, but high level services on



Welcome in France!!