Why working with authentic DMCs ?

Travel advisors, tour operators, travel agents, why do you have to turn to DMCs to create your tailor-made programs?

  • Because the DMCs are local, they have an unequaled knowledge of their territory, it is your eyes and your ears with a flawless resilience and a great sense of professionalism.
  • Because the DMCs have shaped their contacts and officials on the spot, with human values ​​which correspond to them ,each with their specificity.
  • Because DMCs negotiate their prices to offer their btob customers quality service with added value that allows them to sell good value for money.
  • Because DMCs adapt their programs to your clients’ profiles, taking into account their personality and their needs.
  • Because the DMCs coordinate for you a set of services which correspond to you in the respect of your brand and your concept or philosophy.
  • Because the DMCs are close to your customers and represent you during their stay with the greatest flexibility depending on the context.
  • Because DMCs are the lungs, the heart of our regions and our country.
  • The DMCs are at your disposal and at your service to give meaning to the trips you sell to your customers.

France Private Travels represents and develops receptive French agencies abroad, which have talent and which today more than ever offer you high-end tailor-made and « à la carte » trips for your FIT customers.
France Private Travels advises you and directs you to the receptive agency you need for the creation of your travel offers. You can trust us, we are aware of the current difficulties, but we are valiant, united and combative.
We are impatient to be able to receive your customers in France, and we believe that travel is an inexhaustible source of dreams, happiness, « joie de vivre », and sharing that we promise to give you as to your customers.
Thank you for being there with us. We are open to answer all your requests, right now.
Take care of yourself and see you soon for new and original adventures off the beaten track.

Send your request : support@france-privatetravels.com