Letter to our buyers

Letter to our buyers

Dear Buyers,

You are Travel Consultant, Tour operator tailor made, Travel agents with a portfolio of demanding customers. France Private travels has awareness that tourism industry is changing. Our customers today want to travel differently. They want to interfere themselves in the culture and traditions of the countries they visit. They want a value for money that will be decisive in the choice of a destination and tours.

It is up to us France Private Travels to adapt to their desires, their motivation and their budget.

That’s why I’m talking to you, buyers around the world, who are looking for an answer to these criteria. We want above all to correspond to your expectation and those of your customers.

To simplify and facilitate the purchase of travel in France, we guarantee the choice of services, the choice of roads and the choice of the price.

For this we ask you to give us all the elements that allow our local actors to adapt to your requirements.

We want to help you to answer quickly to your specification. We want to bring you efficiency, quality and services:

1 ° Send us the detailed profile of your customers. Tell us who they are, what they are looking for, what they want when they come to France.

2 ° Tell us which region inspires them, and we will find thanks to the profiles the best providers and local organizations to which they could not have been thought.

3 ° Give us the maximum budget that you do not want to exceed so that we do not waste time sending a wrong quote that does not match the means of your customers. The budget is important for your margin and ours.

A Destination management company is your eyes and ears on a destination.

Our main role is to bring you the knowledge of the ground and research services that are related to the personality of your customers.

France Private Travels makes a point of honor to this international adaptation of our offers.

On our website many models of travel feasible in the state are all customizable. This gives you an idea of what to do in France how, what kind of visits.

We are waiting for your requests to deliver original and adapted itineraries.

You are welcome in France.

Send your request : support@france-privatetravels.com

France Private Travels