Ride and More: your cycling experience in Provence

Ride and More was born of the friendship between Gaël and Christophe, the shared passion of biking since more than 30 years and the desire to share their secret Provence.

After having ridden the hills of Provence together and a part of the world on their own, they returned home, which for them is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful region of the world for biking…

Ride and More is a team of artisans-architects of cycling holidays producing tailor-made bike trip to stay closer to the expectations of their customers as well on the road or by mountain bike.

Gaël puts his expertise and his experience of high level competitor to imagine the most beautiful circuits.

Christophe, after a first career in luxury hotels, pay attention to the ground operation and always ensure to offer a service of high quality, discreet and efficient for the well-being of the customers.

Gaël and Christophe share their knowledge of their secret Provence and make you understand the local culture by sharing places, lights, smells and moments. They organize experience travel based on the discovery of a region, combined with the practice of cycling as well on the road as the paths and the wildest paths.