Your Travel Experience: our new DMC in South of France

We are very pleased to introduce our new partner Your Travel Experience, a responsive and inventive agency.

  • Presentation:

Your Travel Experience offers unforgettable experiences to its travelers. The charm, atmosphere, festivities, secrets and history of the Old Continent will be presented to you in a unique way. Specialized travel specialist, Bérangère and his team allow you to discover or rediscover France. Passionate, and very attentive, Your Travel Experience will make you a trip to the image of your desires. In group, honeymoon, or alone, let yourself be guided by Your Travel Experience and you will come back changed!

  • The point of view of Bérangère Authieu ,Designer of your experiences in France and our privileged contact within Your Travel Experience

“Each of your experiences is unique, each of your memories is unforgettable… and I truly want to share this passion with you throughout our bespoke itineraries… Always seeking for new experiences, I am keeping traveling in France to find the most amazing discoveries… I look forward to discussing it with you”

“Travel is an incredible way to enrich our lives. Your Travel Experience aims at promoting France from an exclusive but authentic perspective. We are a French DMC based in South of France and we deal with families, couples and small groups as well, wishing to discover the real essence of our destinations. Our goal is to offer personalized itineraries, according to the desires and wishes of the customers, not only tours but amazing experiences, experiences that will remain etched in your minds…”

  • In conclusion, Your Travel Experience is ready to serve your dreams to help you achieve them!