Craftsmen in the Marais a new experience in Paris


Mon Beau Paris, our suppliers of discoveries in PARIS, invited me to meet the artisans of the Marais. I live in Paris for ever and yet …. Would the most beautiful city in the world have something to give me that I do not already know?

Curious, it is with pleasure that I find my guide at the Georges Pompidou Center in Châtelet-les Halles. The tour begins with a few explanations about the Marais district but also its transformation, the great monuments of always and the most recent.


We travel along the rue Beaubourg towards rue des Gravilliers where hided in a course, we arrived at Richard Orfèvres in Paris since 1910 . The peculiarity of this goldsmith is undoubtedly an unparalleled work transmitted from the master to the pupil and which continues through their collaboration. Silver is a sublime matter once passed in the expert hands of its craftsman. The shop is sumptuous and modern and the most incredible, the workshop is always the same as the tools also, as if nothing had moved for over 100 years. I was surprised to learn that in Paris such an art was still perpetuated in the heart of the Marais. Do not hesitate to order your items, Richard Orfèvre is also unusual or customized requests that they will be delighted to execute for you.


We continue our way towards the street Bartholome Masurel. By the way, our guide pointed out a bakery at the sharp angle of a slightly leaning building. We approach, we look at this showcase as sometimes seen in the old movies and we soon realize that this is a hotel and that behind the black and gold window of the Bakery there was actually the Hotel Reception. This is also Paris sightseeing, some curiosities that without guide we do not notice.


Finally we arrive at our next stage Miss Hats !!

Small boutique with extraordinary hats entirely hand-sewn and fashioned according to head models carved in wood by Italian craftsmen. Three charming women open the doors of their studio where we discover the art of hat making.


In straw or felt these hats of ceremonies for the most, decorate the walls of the shop. Bright or light colors, round, “capelines” or « bibi », you will be charmed by this picturesque discovery. The welcome is warm and the desire to share their crafts is immediately present in the conversation. If you are in Paris for a few days, order your hat and it will be delivered to you within 24 hours with a unique guarantee of quality.


A small tour of the Vosges Place, to see its galleries, its cafes and restaurants, and of course learn about its history. All this will be counted by our guide Mon Beau Paris, always on the lookout for surprises that it could make you on the way.

Finally, we arrive at Place de la Bastille. Between two cafes of the place we enter a passage called the Cour Damoye! If you know Bastille, the noise, the world, enter this tree-lined and flowery, quiet, is just magic. We wonder if we are still in the heart of Paris. Between houses and small shops of cooking, painting, architect or even a pianist of the Conservatory of Paris who gives piano lessons in this small street, we discover an authentic sign of roasting! No web site for L’ ATELIER DE TORREFACTION, run by Eda and Olivier who are passionate about coffee and how to sublimate it for our greatest taste. Eda and Olivier met at HEDIAR, Place de la Madeleine.


By working together they have learned to know each other and to realize a dream: to become roasters. 

Olivier finds in this courtyard Damoye, an old coffee burning held by a small lady of 83 years installed here since 1946! Olivier bought this workshop not by chance but especially for its history. This story he will of course tell you with his words and all his empathy. Eda is a founder of the Association France Café Brasil, a cultural workshop on specialty coffee, and her knowledge is part of herself.

Our hosts obviously love people and willingly volunteer their time to convey their passion. Taste your coffee from Brazil or elsewhere and take with you the small coffee bean of the happiness of the Atelier d’Olivier and Eda!

Roasting coffee is an art! It is the way, the expertise of the coffee roaster that will give taste to coffee, bitterness or acidity, hazelnut or chocolate fragrance. An experience and a unique meeting awaits you at the L’ATELIER DE TORREFACTION with your guide MON BEAU PARIS.

3 hours of discovery in the streets of the Marais, an expert guide of PARIS and its secrets, and I did not realize the time that passed. What a beautiful afternoon, I who am Parisian, I have not yet finished knowing my city. And you when you come to discover the Craftsmen in the Marais Craftsmen-of-marais-private-tour


Thanks to Julien, Alexis, and Clémentine.

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