Planet Provence, wine and food experiences DMC


PLANET PROVENCE is your luxury DMC in Provence, Alps and the fench Riviera.

They are providing wine and food tours very high end with very authentic program and road you can order in tailor made.

We appreciate a lot the concept of Mr Brice De Monplanet to discover its region another way. Culture and heritage, wine experiences, but also the discovery of fabulous landscape and traditional villages are in its main themes of travel.

Provence Alps and Riviera is a fantastic place for leisure and sunny wearher almost all year long. There is a very relaxing atmosphere over here and PLANET PROVENCE will feel you as a true Provencal person. Villages, true and colorful market, very nice hotels from 4 to 5 stars, and fabulous address around wine and food, Brice will offer you an exceptional stay as you never dream it.

Let’s us introduce PLANET PROVENCE:

“Brice discovered Provence in 1981 when his father was transferred one year to Aix en Provence. Having had a thunderbolt for this region, he settled there with his wife Marion in 1997. Since then they have not left it.
In his childhood, his parents raised him in the purest French tradition of gastronomy and wine, which gave rise to his passion for wine!
Since then he likes to share this with his friends and the people he meets over the days.
After a career of more than 15 years in several international companies of wines and spirits, and food companies, Brice decides to realize his dream: to combine his passion with his work.
He stopped his career as a sales executive to embark on the creation of his company, which is how Planet Provence was born.
Always thirsting to learn more, he is going to train in oenology at the Ludivinum school in Montpellier in order to perfect himself to be able to share his passion.
Epicurean soul, Brice wants to convey his love for wine and Provence in a friendly and relaxed way but especially off the beaten track.”

Enjoy a fantastic trip in provence