SECRET WINE TOUR our new partner in Burgundy and Beaujolais



France Private Travels is proud to introduce you, Nathalie TABUREL company expert in wine and great Vineyards in Burgundy and Beaujolais

I have been really touch by Nathalie’s passion and knowledge of her land.

She knows everything about vineyards , landscape , culture and heritage of Burgundy. She can totally in tailor made, mixe great moment of life, meeting with  local personalities, with wine tasting in authentic winery and of course gourmet experiences.

When you talk with her you can feel her passion and that’s we are always looking for when we are travelling : Share a pleasant moment and have good remembrance.

But let me introduce SECRET WINE TOUR by Nathalie herself :

« It’s high time to rekindle the stars » – Guillaume Apollinaire

Cooking, wine, sharing, my friends are my daily fuels. Life is too short to be boring and every minute should be spent watching the world with our children’s eyes.

After several years of experience in a big French company, I wanted to fly on my own and share the treasuries of my Burgundy region to all.

For half a day, a day or more, I will share these precious moments with you by inviting you to incredible and warm wineries where expertise is not needed but history and passion flows through our wine grower’s story.

In order to share with you the exceptional landscapes of Beaujolais and Burgundy, I have created private wine tours, all inclusive, and fully customizable that will offer you unforgettable memories.

Take a seat aboard our very comfortable and luxurious Mercedes vehicles to discover Beaujolais and Burgundy, meet passionate wine makers. We will learn different types of soils, climates and viticulture techniques thanks to our expert guides in oenology. Do you want to stay several days to discover all the wine regions? I have chosen accommodation out of the ordinary and out of time to let you live a new experience.

My motto: going out off the beaten path and find fabulous places of treasures and history for you !

Enjoy !


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